Saturday, August 4, 2007


I arrived at my first Seafair not knowing what to expect, but left quite content after thoroughly enjoying myself with the airshows, hydroplane races, and fair activities.

The airshows were amazing. The first round started soon after I arrived at 1pm. The Patriots Jet Demonstration Team and the US Navy Blue Angels performances both dazzled the audience with their tight formation flying and their intense maneuvers. A second round of airshows started at around 4pm, beginning with some amazing aerial acrobatics by Team Oracle pilot Sean Tucker, and continuing with a variety of other equally awesome aerial acrobatic demonstrations.

The hydroplane races began with a very dramatic start when one of the boats flipped over in the air and crashed upside-down in the water on the very first lap. The rescue boats, which were standing by, quickly arrived and the driver, Chris Bertram, was thankfully alright. The three remaining boats continued the races.

I don't think I've been to a fair where people were giving away more free stuff. Every other booth had some attraction or swag that they were giving away. The Capri Sun booth even had its own half-pipe and had hired four professionals to perform extreme sports for the crowd; they were also giving away free Capri Sun juice drinks to boot!

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