Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Activation to Take 6 Hours!

Okay, this sucks.

I was expecting my iPhone activation to take less than three minutes and that I would be playing with my iPhone right now. Unfortunately, I'm getting a message from iTunes saying "Your activation requires additional time to complete". After talking with AT&T iPhone activation support, I learned that this process could take up to six hours and that there's nothing I can do to speed it up.

Since I can't do anything with my iPhone (except call 911) until it's activated, this is the equivalent of opening a Christmas present and then being told you can't use it.

Update: Activation took 7 hours.

iPhone - Unpacking

Most Apple products are a pleasure to open.
The iPhone is no exception.

iPhone - Launch Day

I arrived at the Alderwood Mall Apple Store a little after 5pm.
With an hour to go before launch, I was 119th in line.

At 5:30, they take off the covers.
"Say hello to iPhone."

5:50pm, 10 minutes to go...

It's 7:20pm, I finally make my way inside the Apple Store.
Unfortunately, the line continues inside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yard Work



Sometimes owning a house is a lot of work.

Like today, when I mowed my lawn for the first time. I almost fainted from exhaustion by the time I was done. Not only did I almost die, I paid a bundle for the privilege: $300 for the lawnmower at Lowe's (a self-propelled Troy-Bilt with electric start), $3 for gas, and $7 for lawn bags.

Home Cooking

My first home cooked meal in my new house: fried eggs and tomatoes, cooked vegetables, and rice.