Saturday, February 24, 2007

Video Card Drivers in Vista

I had several problems setting installing a driver for my GeForce Go 6800. The default driver Vista installed had good Aero performance but terrible performance with everything else, like Photo Tourism. I then tried installing the 77.77 driver which I had used in XP and knew to be very good. I guess it wasn't optimized for Aero, because Vista switched me to the basic look and wouldn't even give me the option of going back to Aero.

After digging around the Laptop Video 2 Go forums, I decided to install the 100.59 driver. With this driver, Aero works, and gaming performance is decent. The only thing missing is support for overclocking. My video card is stuck running at a stock speed of 290Core/590Memory. I know it can do better because I ran it stable at 370Core/770Memory when I was using the 77.77 driver in XP.

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