Monday, January 15, 2007

Skype Unlimited Calling comes with $2.10

Last year, I used SkypeOut for free, mainly using it to call my parents in the US. Skype started charging for their service this year and I haven't found a good free alternative, so Skype got exactly what they wanted - a paying customer.

I bit the bullet and paid $14.95 for unlimited calling in the US and Canada for a year. What surprised me though, was that they also gave me $2.10 worth of credit for international calls. Skype advertises that the plan comes with "more than an hour of international calls" on their website, but I don't think that they mention the exact amount anywhere. Skype's international calling rates can be as low as $0.021 for countries like China and Australia, so it turns out to be 200 minutes.

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