Friday, January 26, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

I've never gotten into a reality tv show before. That is, until I watched Beauty and the Geek for the first time a few weeks ago. There is something about this show that makes it very appealing. Putting a bunch of geeky guys together with a group of beautiful women and seeing what happens could only be a recipe for success! Forget about Survivor, or Big Brother, or all the or reality tv shows, Beauty and the Geek is the show to watch!

Anyway, after I saw the first two episodes of season three, I went back and watched all of seasons one and two over the course of two nights. You know a tv show is good when you can't watch just one episode. Now, I'm saving up a buffer of unwatched season three episodes. So far there's three new episodes I haven't watched yet. I'll see how long I can resist temptation before I break down and gourge myself in a marathon viewing of Beauty and the Geek.


micheal said...

The series premiere of Beauty and the Geek kicks off Wednesday 8:00pm, June 1, 2005 with 60 minutes of entertainment!The couples will face various challenges on their road to the $250,000 grand prize. The most reformed couple as a whole will walk away a quarter of a million dollars richer.

willson said...

my friend doesn't like the show but seriously me like to watch it and desperately looking to download beauty and the geek episodes.

leevan said...

This show is good. I have seen few episodes at my firends home. But I like to Horror series and I like Vampire Diaries TV Show a lot.