Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Pepper Spray me Brotender!

This is what happened last night. My friend David and I went to Trinity nightclub in downtown Seattle at around 9:45pm (Wednesday night is free cover and $3 beers). We go in and the bartender immediately checks our IDs. The bartender notices I have a half empty plastic bottle of Cha Dao Black Tea and Coffee Yin Yang (awesome drink by the way), and asks me to hand it over. I don't really understand why, but I reluctantly do so. Then I jokingly say to David, "I guess they have a no tolerance policy here". The bartender overhears this and gets really angry. He basically says if we don't like it we can leave. I feel the bartender is being a dick, so I ask to see his manager. This seems to piss him off even more. He says that it's not possible and then tells us to get out.

At this point, I feel the bartender is being a total douchebag. I go with David past the bar area and walk to the dance floor area looking for someone less dickish that I can talk to. To my utter surprise, the bartender has followed me and he's carrying a bottle of pepper spray and is threatening to use it on me. I really don't want to get pepper sprayed so David and I quickly leave.

I realize that you're only getting my side of the story here, but I just want to highlight two things that can be confirmed by the other patrons and David:
  1. The bartender chased after me with a bottle of pepper spray in his hand and threatened to use it on me.
  2. I never made any threats, or even hinted at violence or getting physical. I made it clear to the bartender that violence was the last thing I wanted.
tl;dr - Bartender at Trinity goes on a power trip and threatens to pepper spray me. I never once indicated a desire for violence or physical confrontation.

On a lighter note, I find it funny that I seem to be prone to bad luck whenever I go out on my birthday.

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