Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone to the Rescue

Yesterday at 7:30pm, I was driving to Redmond Town Center with my friend David to watch the new Harry Potter movie. I had just pulled into the parking garage and was looking for a spot when I noticed a car stopped in the middle of the driveway. A young man ran over to my car and urgently asked me to get help. Not knowing what else to do, I stopped my car, got out, and called 911 on my iPhone.

David and I ran over to their car and found an older woman who looked very sick. We could see that she can just thrown up and was now sitting, propped up by the car. I relayed the information to the 911 dispatcher and asked her to send an ambulance. There was some confusion with the address since we didn't know which one of the many parking garages in Redmond Town Center we were in, but David ran outside and quickly returned with that information. About three other people stopped to help. David waited near the entrance of the garage to flag down the ambulance. I stayed on the phone until the ambulance arrived, which took about five minutes.

We ended up being a little late to the movie (missing how Harry stops the dementors), but it was well worth being able to help someone who needed it.

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brilliana said...

hi!! thats cool. i wanna go see the movie. but everyone already saw it :(