Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Microsoft Event

Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President of Windows and Windows Live, came to UW today to give a talk about Microsoft Office 2007. Unlike most other industry presentations at UW, this one was actually interesting. He talked about the progression of Microsoft Word from version 1 in 1989 to Word 2007 now. He also talked about stuff like the huge amount of statistical data they get from users about which toolbar buttons in Word they click, and how they used the data in designing Word 2007's new ribbon interface to put the top 80% clicked buttons on the Home tab. Not only did Steven's presentation captivate the audience, he also managed to spin some loaded questions (i.e. Open Office, format compatibility, Word annoyances) to put Microsoft in a positive light.

And what's an industry event without prizes? 7 copies each of Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Ultimate were given away, as well as a laser mouse and a Zune. Although I didn't win any of these big prizes, I did manage to snag a T-shirt.

Which turned out to be very wrinkly.

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Pullman said...

Nice shirt ,,,just need a smidge of ironing. However, it's free so....who cares