Friday, March 16, 2007

mailto Bug in Vista

Something really weird happens in Vista when I click on mailto links in Firefox (Here's an example of the links that I'm talking about: email someone). When I try to open any mailto links in Firefox, Internet Explorer opens and tries to handle the link. A few seconds later 35 additional IE windows open in rapid succession for a total of 36 IE windows open! While the windows are fairly easy to close since they are grouped together, it's still extremely annoying that 36 windows pop up whenever I click on a mailto link.

How to Fix
I think the problem may have something to do with not setting up Microsoft Outlook even though it's the default email client in Vista. Since I detest Outlook, I'm not going to set it up.

Instead, I installed this Firefox Greasemonkey script to rewrite all mailto links in a webpage to open with Gmail in a new compose window.

In addition, I went into about:config and set the key network.protocol-handler.external.mailto to be false instead of true. This now has Firefox do nothing when you right click on a page and select "Send Link...".


Kevin Barmish said...

Same thing happened on my girlfriends new laptop... Disabled external.mailto flag and got the greasemonkey script... works great ! thanks

Andy Hou said...

Awesome! I'm glad my blog was helpful for you!

Sunil said...

thanks for posting this.

DASCHE said...

that's great, thanks. But what would you suggest if we are not using Firefox?

Theone3 said...

How to fix it properly: